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  • Lettering | Definition and Translations

    Lettering refers the act, art, or technique of inscribing letters on to something or the letters created in such a way. In the field of professional graphic design, lettering is understood as one of three technique to create textual information beside calligraphy (“writing”) and typography (“typesetting”).


    French: lettrage
    German: Lettering
    Italian: lettering
    Polish: liternictwo
    Spanish: Rotulación
    Turkish: Harfleme
    Ukrainian: Літерація

    Related Term(s): Calligraphy Typography

    Ralf Herrmann By Ralf Herrmann ()
    Contributors: Riccardo Sartori Alexis B. Yevgen  Sadko JesusBarrientos Przemysław Sakrajda tipografi

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