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  • River | Definition and Translations

    Rivers, or rivers of white are gaps which appear to run through a paragraph of text, due to a coincidental alignment of spaces.


    Dutch: riviertjes
    French: lézarde
    German: Gießbach, Gasse
    Italian: canaletto
    Polish: kanalik
    Portuguese: Rio
    Russian: Коридор
    Spanish: río, calle
    Turkish: Nehir

    Related Term(s): Justified Word spacing

    Ralf Herrmann By Ralf Herrmann ()
    Contributors: Riccardo Sartori Manuel Sesma Gizzmo Diogo Ramos Moreira Przemysław Sakrajda H James Lucas Stéphane de Schrevel tipografi

    User Feedback

    Riccardo Sartori


    Perhaps it would be better to match singular and plural between translations (i.e., for example, rivers=canaletti, river=canaletto).

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    Ralf Herrmann


    Always feel free to correct any problems you see with the terms in your native language. That’s why it’s set up as Wiki. 

    In this specific case, it was easier to change the English entry to resolve it. So I did that. 

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